CJ Custom Knives

"Mighty warrior, strap your KNIFE at your side in your majesty and splendor."
Psalm 45:3
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Build Your Own Knife!!

I have personally created every knife and sheath!!

I sketch every knife and hand chose materials that would complement each piece. I have spent hours grinding and shaping each knife individually. I do all my own heat treating. And when a knife is complete, every sheath is designed, hand tooled, and hand stitched specifically
for its knife.

As you enjoy browsing my site you will find I make Bowies, Hunters, Bird & Trout, and many other Exclusive Designs.
I have made it possible for you to make a true custom knife.

Choose the design, steel, handle material, and even choose the tooling on your sheath.

Your knife can be as simple or as elaborate as you can dream up.

Most orders can be filled within 6 weeks.

Click on:
BUILD YOUR OWN KNIFE tab to see how it will work.

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